About Us

See a Need, Fill a Need

Kevin Hughes, founder of H7 interactive, LLC. and creator of Ayazuta, was working with State and County based Justice Partners in California in early 2008, when he came across the ICWA Noticing issue that existed between the Courts, Social Services Departments and the Indian Tribes. The problem was fundamentally one of a 20th Century law (the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978) being applied in a time and paper intensive way, with the resulting issues of high cost, and high error rates. The real problem was the effect on Native American children in the Child Welfare system, in attempting to help solve this problem the concept of Ayazuta ("connect" in the Lakota language) was born.

Combining Skills to Deliver Easy to Use Systems

The Ayazuta team is a blend of skills including: usability sciences, business process improvement, creative, web and database technical expertise, technology program delivery and large scale program management. We have experiences of the Court and Justice System processes, Integration of Courts and their Justice Partners, including Departments of Social Services, Law Enforcement Agencies and Probation Departments. Added to these core skills are cultural awareness and respect for alternative views and ways.

Technology for Humanity

ICWA Noticing is a great example of a legal requirement for process which can be radically improved by the effective use of technology, to actually help real people in real ways. The Indian Child Welfare Act is intended to culturally protect Native American Children, allowing them to grow into individuals capable of continuing their historical traditions, while reaching for their own and their Tribe's future. Ayazuta helps radically improve the delivery of the deams and aspirations set out in ICWA.