Ayazuta Demonstration of Functionality to help your Case Workers

Ayazuta Cost and Efficiency Benefits

  • ICWA Eagle LogoICWA case support for Case Workers
  • ICWA Eagle LogoGreatly reduced overturns on Appeal for Notice related issues
  • ICWA Eagle LogoReduced Case Worker time spent on ICWA noticing
  • ICWA Eagle LogoICWA information pulled together for hearings
  • ICWA Eagle LogoTribes responses automated
  • ICWA Eagle LogoReduced ICWA Notice cost
  • ICWA Eagle LogoBetter outcomes for Native American children

This Demonstration covers how to enter information into Ayazuta, and how to produce Tribal notices.

We are going to walk through the Case Search and Case Management functionality to show:

ICWA Eagle LogoThe level of information held in the system
ICWA Eagle LogoHow easy the system is to use
ICWA Eagle LogoHow the knowledge required for effective ICWA noticing for a child with Indian heritage can be built up over time......